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Offers Young Girls and Boys an Exciting New Theme Each Week of the Summer

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StemQuest Mini Camp will sell out at 24 campers per week.

Register today to secure your reservation. To preserve an incredible experience, certain to exceed the expectations of both parents and campers, this camp will sell out at 24 total campers per week.

Why Attend SQ Mini Camp?

Led by experienced adults who work in education, children enjoy a safe, nurturing and fun summer camp environment. SQ Mini Camp offers stimulating and traditional weekly themes, complemented with an abundance of varied daily activities and traditions. Review the themes below and register today. Perfect for kids who are either experiencing camp for the first time or returning from a fun experience last summer. To be a kid again! *Children must be fully potty-trained to participate in this program. For camper and counselor safety and health reasons, there are no exceptions.

2020 Date and Themes For SQ Mini Camp

June 15: Galactic Guardians

Who says there was an Endgame? The SQ Minis prepare to enter the Lab of Captain Marvel and Ironman. Campers, come join our superhero counselors as we discover our very own super powers and create superhero costumes in our secret special lab. Under the leadership of Captain Marvel and Ironman, campers will earn their own superhero badge upon completion of the SQ Mini superhero ultimate challenge.

June 22: Jupiter Junior Blast Off

This camp theme is out of this world! Prepare for an important space mission by creating your own specially-equipped space helmet. Then blast off into space by building your own rocket. Campers explore the planets and meet some unexpected space friends as we journey through the universe at light speed. Be ready campers, you are about to join the fun, so prepare for countdown: …3..2…1..outer space!

June 29: Star-Spangled Scientists

Oh say can you see — all the patriotic-packed science, crafts and games as campers celebrate our nation’s birthday. Celebrate alongside some of the nation’s greatest StemQuesters ever to live including: Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine and George Washington. Shhh! We are throwing them all a surprise party! Throughout the week, campers will conduct a variety of patriotic experiments including the creation of artwork by manipulating the molecules of color in markers! This fun-filled camp is certain to strike the curiosity of every little (and silly) scientist. Campers create patriotic hats, construct firecracker shakers, decorate birthday cards, have a watermelon contest, and participate in the U.S.A.-themed fun and games. This is a jam-packed week full of celebrations! No camp on Friday July 4th.

July 6: Stemmy Star Wars

Climb aboard the Millennium Falcon and set your sights for a Galaxy Far Far Away! See if you have what it takes to be the next SQ Jedi as campers compete with fellow Padawans in StormTrooper Bowling. Our Day Camp Padawan program will blow campers’ minds as they build lightsabers and go through The Saber Training Academy with the great Rey, Skywalker, and Yoda.

July 13: Kings, Queens and Castles

Hear ye, hear ye! Calling all Lords and Ladies of the land. Join us in the Camp Kingdom as we take off on an adventure back in time. Campers will enjoy puppet shows, Renaissance dance parties, and the Noble Knight training course. Make your own Renaissance costume complete with family crest! Beware of wise wizard Ozzie, as he’s been known to cast spells that make water balloons fall from the sky.

July 20: Dr. Seuss’s Slimey Adventures

The Cat in the Hat…or is it? SQ Mini campers will join together to help us find the Cat in the Hat who enjoys hiding around camp. You and your fellow detectives will help campers examine the riddles left by the Cat in the Hat in order to find him. You would think it would be easy to find a 6 foot cat in a large striped top hat, but trust us, he can be very elusive. Campers will make snog-waddles and ziberflows to coax the Cat out into the open. Enjoy a tasty snack while wearing your costume and many other epic story themed activities! Guest appearances include a cuddly fox and a few fish of various colorations.

July 27: Dinosaur Detectives

Calling all future paleontologists! Grab your fossil brushes as we step back in time to discover the age of dinosaurs. This week campers will create their own dinosaur costumes, uncover mysterious fossils, and even build their own binoculars for a dinosaur hunt around camp.

August 3: Underwater Discovery Lab

Dive into an exciting underwater adventure with Ozzie as we explore the ocean and the creatures that live there. Campers create underwater ocean bottles, make rainbow fish, and listen to wondrous sounds of seashells. Water games and relays add to the excitement. Grab your diving gear and join us as we swim with the fishes on this fun-filled underwater adventure. Watch out for Wally the Whale Sharks.

August 10: Mini Minions Studio

Come and join our Mini Minions for a week as we celebrate summer. Campers practice their Minionese language skills and go on an awesome scavenger hunt to track down the elusive Gru. By the end of the week all of our Mini Minions will make costumes, compete in the Rancho Banana Toss, and create a Minion snack to eat or take home to the family!

August 17: Incredible Flying Objects

Prepare for liftoff! From homemade frisbees to drones, this camp explores the science of flight. Campers will work together in teams to design and launch their very own incredible flying object. Design a kite, fly a glider, discover Air Bowling, and join us for The Ultimate Airplane Challenge.

Marvel, Captain Marvel, and Ironman are trademarks of the Marvel and The Disney® Group of Companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse StemQuest Camp or any of its classes. “Dr. Seuss” is a trademark of its respective owner which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse StemQuest Camp or any of its classes. Star Wars® is a trademark of the Disney® Group of Companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse StemQuest Camp or any of its classes

StemQuest Mini Camp Weekly Activities Include:

GaGa and Backyard Sports

Traditional indoor and outdoor sports including: GaGa, Soccer, Volleyball, Beach Games, Cornhole.

Interactive Tech-Fitness Games

Get your body moving and your steps in as campers experience the StemQuest Interactive Gaming Wall, LED climbing wall, and more.

Innovation Lab

Design, create, and innovate through exploration and discovery. Kids will be challenged to use their critical thinking skills.

Creative Visual Arts

Time to get the smock and open the “right” side of the brain during this relaxing and engaging part of the week.

Digital Arts

Watch out Hollywood, SQ Minis are coming to the big screen. This activity station includes green screen, stop-motion-animation, and movie-shorts.

Tech Time

SQ Minis will get to fly a drone, control a robot, build a mechanical pet, or design and invent the next great technology for Silicon Valley.

Creative Culinary Design

Head to the kitchen for our popular CupCake Design Battle & Candy Sushi Quest contest and activity.

Water Sports and Play

Summer is hot so we like to cool down with our weekly Water Days!

A Typical Day At StemQuest Mini Camp

Complimentary Morning Extended Care
(7:30am to 8:45am – included and free)
Normal Camp Hours
(8:45am to 9am)
Each Day Begins With:

Morning Meeting & Counselor Quest Challenge


Theme of Week Morning Activity 1


Outdoor Backyard Sports


(Before 10:30am – included and free)


Theme of Week Morning Activity 2


Indoor Interactive Game Wall and Fitness


(included and free)


Water Sports & GaGa


Tech Time or Creative Visual Acts


Theme of the Week Afternoon Activity 3


Innovation Lab or Digital Arts

Each Day Concludes With:

Afternoon Meeting & Counselor Quest Challenge

Normal Camp Hours Pick-Up
(2:55pm to 3:15pm)
Complimentary Afternoon Extended Care
(3:15pm to 5:30pm – included and free)

About StemQuest Minis

Led by experienced adults who work in education, girls and boys enjoy a safe, nurturing and fun summer camp environment. There will be no shortage of stories being shared when your son or daughter returns home each day from SQ Mini Camp! This program provides young boys and girls with stimulating and traditional weekly day camp themes, but adds a healthy offering of age-level and appropriate technology activities into each summer camp day.

Experiences should be as diverse as a child’s growing interests, therefore, SQ Mini Camp offers a variety of hands-on activities for curious young minds. Our variety of offerings sets the stage for exploration, activity, creativity, discovery, and innovation. Movement and experimentation are the building blocks for this young group of campers and StemQuest delivers with eye-opening activities to uncover talents and establish new friendships. Through a mix of art, music, crafts, technology, introductory science, and performing arts, SQ Mini Camp is unlike any other camp experience in the area. Our leadership team ensures a safe, experimental, nurturing and stimulating traditional camp environment with a new themed-session each week – encouraging campers to enroll in multiple weeks, if not for the entire summer.


StemQuest Minis will sleep well at night after a fun-filled, action-packed camp day! We believe there is a direct correlation between the movement of the body and an enhanced capacity for the developing mind to innovate and create. Therefore, there is no shortage of daily indoor and outdoor activities and play for all young campers attending SQ Mini Camp. 

Each day, all SQ Minis participate in a variety of play, from the enjoyment of traditional sports and games to StemQuest’s interactive playground that uses lights, sounds and video to transform our multi-purpose rooms and gyms into engaging, immersive video games. All activities and games are team-based and challenge campers to either beat the clock or even their own counselors!

Our Leadership

Rest assured parents, because we are obsessed with the details of sourcing, hiring, and training excellent instructors and counselors to work at StemQuest Camp. Our company has 20+ years of experience sourcing, hiring and training well-qualified professionals to lead your children, who are entrusted under our supervision and care, each and every day. All StemQuest Mini campers are led by experienced and creative adults who have extensive experience working in education and/or working in a camp setting. Each StemQuest instructor who works with your son or daughter is fully vetted and has passed local and nationwide criminal background checks, in-depth reference checks, and a behavioral personality test – all to ensure that our company core values are upheld and our expectations are fully met each and every camp day.

Moreover, we have a dedicated team at StemQuest Headquarters who work year-round to ensure each camp team member is a proper fit and represents our high level of standards including: safety, experience, courtesy, respect, professionalism, flexibility, and enjoyment. Our entire team of full time and seasonal professionals is filled with persons who lead-by-example, put others before themselves, serve as mentors and friends, and lastly celebrate your camper’s effort over results.

Our Training

StemQuest’s dedicated full time Talent Acquisition team works year-round at SQ Headquarters, all of whom have children of their own and obsessed with the execution of a proven and extensive professional hiring process. Moreover, we work throughout the year to develop an immersive multi-day, 30+ hour training experience, which includes teachings, materials, professional development, and lessons presented: online, during webinars, in-person and on-the-job.

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Our Reviews

“All 3 of my girls appreciated the opportunity you provided them with last week. Jennifer (pre-k) now wants a rolling robot for Christmas, Julie (1st grader) said she wants an ExerGames birthday party (do you even do that?) and Billi (6th grader) told me last night she wants to become a space engineer because, as she told me, “we need more girls in space!” Incredible job. Thank you for inspiring my 3 girls. See you next summer.”

Lindsi V.

“As a single dad of two twins the school year becomes exhausting. When I heard you guys provide free lunch/snack and extended care I was ecstatic. I signed Bryan and Caleb up for your StemQuest program because I knew they would love it. Well, they not only loved it, but I LOVED IT too. No lunch making, no rushing to pick them up or drop them off. You have made my summer so much more simple with all you offer and I want to thank you for that. Thank you.”

Ed K.

“Am I able to sign up for your camp the rest of the summer? We are in our third week of your camp and my son told me last night that he will not go anywhere else this summer. I am working on canceling and getting a refund from the camps he was supposed to attend this summer. Do you still have space if I can do so? Hopefully, we will see you again after the July 4th break. This is his second year attending a summer camp and I truly never thought he would love it this much, so thank you.”

Judy A.