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Offers Older Girls and Boys an Exciting New Theme Each Week of the Summer.

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Why Attend SQ Seniors Camp?

Led by experienced adults who work in education, children enjoy a safe, nurturing and fun summer camp environment. SQ Seniors Camp offers stimulating and traditional weekly themes, complemented with an abundance of varied daily activities and traditions. Review the themes below and register today. Perfect for kids who are either experiencing camp for the first time or returning from a fun experience last summer.

2020 Date and Themes For SQ Seniors Camp

June 15: Speedster Race Car & Grand Prix Design

The camp day is divided into two topics: Speedster Race Car & Grand Prix. In Speedster Race Car & Grand Prix campers compete against each other and race Anki smart cars and also work in teams to design and build large Anki racecourses. Campers gear up for the final few days and the StemQuest Grand Prix, where points are tallied based on design, speed, teamwork, and communication.

June 22: Light Up Your Wearables

Campers explore the fundamentals of electronics and programming by constructing fashionable, wearable tech accessories! From light-up keychains, bracelets, flower crowns and shoes to kinematic wire sculptures, the campers will learn about code, electricity, and magnetism. At the end of the camp week, each student takes home their own customized light-up wearable items.

June 29: StemQuest: Fortnite Battle Squads

StemQuest Fortnite extracts the thrills from the video screen and delivers the gaming experience directly into a live setting (without the video screen!). Fortnite has opened up a whole new world of fun for kids and video game enthusiasts, but now it is time to bring that excitement into the physical world of STEM. The Fortnite Island presents campers with a variety of head-to-head challenges where campers will learn to use sophisticated rolling bots, mini foam ball launchers, and jumping drones to simulate the video game battles. Each “Squad” is comprised of a team of campers who work together to establish and defend their “Base” against the other Squads of campers but beware of the shrinking storm, the Volcano, and Viking Village. The ultimate goal is to earn points, gather resources, and explore new maps and terrains. Code your rolling bot to land on a portal and teleport around the block strategically to catch rival Squads off guard and establish alliances in order to bring the Counselor, Giant Mech to its knees.

July 6: ESports League of Legends

Do you love the world of Minecraft? Have you tried coding and playing within the Roblox platform? This camp week has it all and is perfect for both the beginner or advanced gamer. Throughout the week (with plenty of screen breaks!) campers will have the opportunity to learn and experiment with new some of the latest ESports and gaming platforms such as: Roblox Battle Royale, Roblox Robux Tycoon, Minecraft Mobs & AI, Minecraft EnderDragon, Roblox Racing Games and Adventures, and more. If you are looking for a fun week of programming, moding, coding, and playing, then we will see you at ESports League of Legends. No camp on Friday, July 4th.

July 13: Aquatic Robotics: Water Races

Robots on the ground are cool, but are you ready to take your ground bot skills into the water? How about determining the best way to design and create twists and turns to build the fastest coaster? This program provides all the summer fun a camper may handle as participants rotate through a variety of thrilling activities. Campers dive right in to a program that requires teamwork, flexibility and creativity, not to mention a hands-on building of structures that include: bridges, beams, arches, trusses, and suspension bridges. Aquatic Robotics: Water Races presents an abundance of both indoor and outdoor activities that include a unique combination of engineering, building, and robo-racing. Campers will use their engineering skills in combination with trial and error to construct the fastest marble roller coaster, design the most agile waterbot, and develop the most durable land rovers.

July 20: Mixed Media: Photography and Filmmaking

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a famous YouTuber? Do you have aspirations of being a world-renowned photographer or filmmaker? In this hands-on program, campers learn the fundamental skills of videography, visual storytelling, photography and photo editing. Imagination and creativity come to life as they photograph elements of camp life and collaborate with their team to create short-form multimedia projects. No experience is necessary.

July 27: Build Your Own Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Game

In this cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) camp, participants will explore and engage with new-age to learn, to build, and to develop.  Learn about the design and programming behind modern digital assistant software like Alexa, Siri, and Cortana in this innovative camp. Learn to build a video game enemy’s brain like the Goombas in Super Mario, Creepers in Minecraft, or Slimes in Terraria.  More advanced students can build their own artificial intelligence that will attempt to balance a ball or learn to avoid colliding into obstacles. No prior experience is required. We provide all technology on location. Campers will be thrilled to bring home their digital portfolio at the end of the week and continue to work on their AI creation or to share with friends or family. Embark on an EPIC adventure in two of the most exciting and impactful technologies within both the classroom and the workplace! Over the course of the camp, users interact with image recognition software and Unity’s AR Kit. No prior experience is required. We provide all technology on location.

August 3: Made with Tech: Build Your Own Fashion Brand

Students combine their creative energy, problem-solving skills, and entrepreneurial spirit to design their own fashion brand. Starting with a business plan, students go through the process of defining their demographics and creating an informed digital identity. In the three days, students will use digital imaging software to design a custom logo, patterns, color palettes, stickers, and more. Students will then use HTML and CSS code to build their fashion brands very own website. Students will complete this course having built a fashion brand with its own logo, branding and a website.

August 10: Dancing Drones Air and Ground Show

This unique program combines drone and robot technology with the visual arts. Modeled after the Drobots National Synchronized Dancing Drone Competition, this STEAM-focused camp offers creative, fun and engaging projects for participants of all interests and experiences. No other camp offers such an exciting opportunity to combine and synchronize drones flying in the air with drones rolling on the ground. Throughout the week, campers will split time between both the Dancing Drone activity station and the Drone Storyboard activity station where they will work together in teams to build a portfolio of creative technology-based presentations. Campers will utilize autonomous programming and technology to unveil real-life stories and performances as the drones and robots interact with one another and assume certain character roles within the story. It’s time to create a technology masterpiece with a narrative that includes: drones, robots, design, music, drawing, coding, and then share your final presentation with your family and friends.

August 17: Robotic Arts in 2D and 3D

The perfect balance between programming bots and creating a true portfolio of two-dimensional and three-dimensional art. Teams of campers will rotate between STEAM-based activities as they paint with rolling robots, code and draw pictures shapes with intelligent ground and wall-suspended electronics, and manufacture three-dimensional and multi-colored objects from a blank canvas with futuristic 3D printing technology. Campers will be challenged to expand their imagination and to recognize that technology is not simply useful and efficient, but it may also be used for expression or to portray an aesthetically pleasing and colorful story.

StemQuest Mids Camp Weekly Activities Include

Quest activities are approximately 30-minutes long and are intended to provide campers with a fun and educational opportunity to experiment with a variety of unique and innovative “minor” programs. Not every Quest activity is offered on a weekly basis. Campers typically rotate through 3 Quest activities per week. Please check the Mids schedule for the Quest activities being offered each week.

GaGa and Backyard Sports

Traditional indoor and outdoor sports including: GaGa, Soccer, Volleyball, Beach Games, Cornhole.

Interactive Tech-Fitness Games

Get your body moving and your steps in as campers experience the StemQuest Interactive Gaming Wall, LED climbing wall, and more.

Campers Vs. Bots

Campers must strategize to defeat the opposing team’s robots and drones from scoring points during these action-packed activities. Activities include: Bots on the Run, RoboMaster, Sphero Battles, Robotic Arm Challenge

Engineering, Architecture, Design

Get ready to extract the thrills from the video screen and reconstruct the gaming experience directly into a live setting (without the video screen!). Teams attempt to outwit and out-maneuver one another to score points during friendly competition.

Gaming & ESports

Campers have the opportunity to mod, make and play various levels of Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite-Style BattleFront games.

Eco Innovations

Build your own Solar Oven, Circuit Powered Mechanism, or Biosphere.

Technology Visual Arts

Utilize traditional technology and robots to design, paint, and create visual arts.

Creative Culinary Design

Head to the kitchen for our popular CupCake Design Battle & Candy Sushi Quest contest and activity.


It’s time to pick locks, “Escape” the room, navigate 3D puzzles, solve Tangrams & Riddles, experience ultimate Scavenger Hunts, and decode Cyphers.

Create-a-Game or Sport

Endless fun! Create and play your own Minute-To-Win-It, Marble Olympics, or Dude Perfect game. Challenge your friends.

Digital Media Production

From the green screen to Makey Makey to YouTube productions. Campers enjoy this Quest activity utilizing an array of technology and cartoon animation.

Water Sports and Play

Summer is hot so we like to cool down with our weekly Water Days!

A Typical Day At StemQuest Mids Camp

Complimentary Morning Extended Care
(7:30am to 8:45am – included and free)
Normal Camp Hours
(8:45am to 9am)
Each Day Begins With:

Morning Meeting & Counselor Quest Challenge


Morning Activity: Minor Quest 1


Outdoor Backyard Sports or Indoor Interactive Game Wall & Fitness


(Before 10:30am – included and free)


Morning Activity: Minor Quest 2


Morning Activity: Minor Quest 3


(included and free)


Afternoon Activity: Major STEM 1


Afternoon Activity: Major STEM 2


GaGa, Create-a-Game & Sport, or Water Sports


Afternoon Activity: Major STEM 3

Each Day Concludes With:

Afternoon Meeting & Counselor Quest Challenge

Normal Camp Hours Pick-Up
(2:55pm to 3:15pm)
Complimentary Afternoon Extended Care
(3:15pm to 5:30pm – included and free)

About StemQuest Seniors

This is an advanced extension of the StemQuest Mids program, since this camp program defines the essence of the concept of combining both Stem and Quest. StemQuest Seniors will want to arrive early each day of SQ Senior Camp. Older girls and boys choose a weekly STEM “major” and rotate through daily QUEST “minors” each week of the summer. This one-of-a-kind summer camp strikes the perfect balance between a focused weekly STEM project, interactive and daily sports or games activities, and a variety of multiple innovative daily QUEST programs. Some examples of SQ Senior theme-weeks include: Drone Technology, Engineering Adventures, Relevant Robotics, Coding and Programming, ESports and Gaming, Digital Mixed Media, Future Tech: Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence, and Interactive

Led by experienced and creative adults who work in both education and camps, StemQuest Mids Camp provides your son or daughter with a summer camp environment specifically designed for boys and girls who want to focus on a single project throughout the week, but also prefer to extend the learning and fun through multiple experiences that provide a variety of real-life applicable technology of the present and future. 

StemQuest Seniors provides both girls and boys the opportunity to choose from a variety of interactive and hands-on weekly-themed STEM-based programs for an experience that opens the door for imagination, innovation, teamwork, and pure fun! To complement the daily experience, SQ Mids rotate through a variety of multiple daily QUEST-based activities unmatched by any other experience around. There is no limit of weekly Quests campers may experience throughout the summer, including: Kids vs. Bots, Digital Media Production, Eco Innovations, Crazy Chemical Reactions, Creative Culinary Design, Technology Visual Arts, Hack-a-Thons, and so much more.

Each week offers boys and girls a new STEM-based camp-theme and multiple QUEST-based activities, providing them with interactions, experiences and stories which will become the focus of attention during both the ride home and at the dinner table.


StemQuest Seniors will flourish with a healthy balance between daily hands-on STEM projects and interactive high-energy daily activities that include both indoor and outdoor activity and play. Parents, you will not have to worry about your StemQuest Senior campers sleeping well in the evening as they fall asleep dreaming about the next camp day’s fun-filled, interactive, and action-packed camp day! Daily indoor and outdoor activity and play is extremely important for all campers attending SQ Senior Camp and there will be no shortage each day with a lineup and variety of both timely and timeless kid’s games and activities.

We believe there is a direct correlation between the movement of the body and an enhanced capacity for the developing mind to innovate and create. Therefore, each day all SQ Seniors participate in a variety of play, from the enjoyment of traditional sports and games to StemQuest’s interactive playground activities that use lights, sounds and video to transform our multi-purpose rooms and gyms into engaging, immersive video games. All activities and games are team-based and challenge campers to either beat the clock or engage in friendly competition.

Our Leadership

Rest assured parents, because we are obsessed with the details of sourcing, hiring, and training excellent instructors and counselors to work at StemQuest Camp. Our company has 20+ years of experience sourcing, hiring and training well-qualified professionals to lead your children, who are entrusted under our supervision and care, each and every day. All SQuest Senior campers are led by experienced and creative adults who have extensive experience working in education and/or working in a camp setting. Each StemQuest instructor who works with your son or daughter is fully vetted and has passed local and nationwide criminal background checks, in-depth reference checks, and a behavioral personality test – all to ensure that our company core values are upheld and our expectations are fully met each and every camp day.

Moreover, we have a dedicated team at StemQuest Headquarters who work year-round to ensure each camp team member is a proper fit and represents our high level of standards including: safety, experience, courtesy, respect, professionalism, flexibility, and enjoyment. Our entire team of full time and seasonal professionals is filled with persons who lead-by-example, put others before themselves, serve as mentors and friends, and lastly celebrate your camper’s effort over results.

Our Training

StemQuest’s dedicated full-time Talent Acquisition team works year-round at SQ Headquarters, all of whom have children of their own and obsessed with the execution of a proven and extensive professional hiring process. Moreover, we work throughout the year to develop an immersive multi-day, 30+ hour training experience which includes teachings, materials, professional development, and lessons presented: online, during webinars, in-person and on-the-job.

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Our Reviews

“I know how hard it is for the older kids to attend camp. For full transparency, my 7th grader really did not want to go to our camp this morning. However, he came home today so excited that two of his friends were in his group AND that he got to learn a new type of coding language. Here I was nervous all day and he totally surprised me when I picked him up. Just wanted to let you know since I most likely sounded the “false alarm” earlier today when we spoke in the morning. Here’s to a great rest of the week”

Jermaine D.

“Spectacular camp. Amazing. Cinthia and all of her friends attended camp last week (they were the Heroic Stemsters team) and each had an absolute blast. The camp had quite an impression on all of them since they could not stop talking about the fitness games, computer games, and counselor games they played and participated in. The StemQuest counselors provided the confidence and builds the self-esteem these girls need to feel comfortable in a mostly all boys program. I can assure you that more and more girls will be attending your camp in the future since I am now your biggest fan. Thanks again.”

Anna P.

“Your free extended care was really helpful to Dorothy and me this past summer. I cannot thank you enough for adding that as a free option. Usually, I cannot afford to send my older daughter to this high level of a camp because of the cost to attend these programs in the DC area. But since you include all of the free options, my husband and I can now send D to multiple weeks of your camp. Thank you for your generosity and making it affordable for all to attend.”

Kristy T.